As businesses across the country are dealing with worker shortages owners have been finding themselves in some tough spots and doing whatever they can to stay open and make a profit.

One Michigan owner is bringing in robots to help get the job done.

Li Zhai owner of Noodle Topia in Madison Heights explained the reasons why he decided to bring in robots several months back and what they do in the restaurant. He told WXYZ Detroit,

It’s very difficult. At the time, nobody wants to work. I was looking for some alternative options."

Zhai says the robots save his waitstaff dozens of trips back and forth to tables, giving them more help during peak hours. The robot is honestly not going to replace human beings for sure, but the idea is to have strong support to free up some of the time for the waiter or waitress to serve people and to have more business when we have less people.

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The robot that Li Zhai bought is called BellaBot and retails for around $1,300.

Bella Bot uses sensors in the ceiling of the restaurant and built-in cameras to move around without running into things.

Bella Bot also helps with delivering food and drinks to customers while they wait at their tables. Bella Bot can also take dirty dishes and return them to the kitchen to be cleaned.

While BellaBot is doing that employees at Noodle Topia are able to do things like seat guests and take food orders. Here's a video of Bella Bot in action.

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