I’ve written about this place a couple of times, and I figured it was time to do some kind of update…if at all possible. I refer to it as the “Comins Creepy Doll Display” - other names it goes by are “Baby Hill”, “Creepy Baby Hill”, and “Scary Dolls”.

First of all, how did this get started? Who conceived this odd idea of grotesque dolls at the edge of the woods out in the country along the road? When it first began with just a doll or two, it was believed by motorists to be some kind of roadside shrine to a child who had perished in an auto accident…but then the display grew, little by little, with more dolls and toys. Then the dolls took a twisted turn: the eyes were darkened, some were hung by trees, others in other morbid scenarios.

According to The Restless Viking, the display was started by an anonymous elderly man around 2011. “I had a few dolls and people just keep adding more. Last fall someone added some nasty ones. I suppose it was for Halloween, but I took them down.” It’s said that this man changes the display from time-to-time, adding, subtracting, and re-arranging the dolls. If someone leaves a doll that’s TOO explicit, he removes them.

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But the question “why?” has been left unanswered. The roadside spectacle became so legendary that author Johnathan Rand caught wind of it and based his book Village of the Dolls on the display.

These dolls with the blacked-out eyes and other disfigurements don’t just stop at the edge of the woods – there are some dolls back further in among the trees.

So – is the display still there or not? People have complained and motorists who have driven by the display claim so many different things: it’s there, it’s not there, it’s been taken down, it’s back up, there are only a couple of dolls left, etc. So what’s the status? Evidently, the man who made the display in the first place owns the property, so he can do with it what he pleases.

Has anyone driven by or visited this lately?
Let me know.
The display located on the east side of M-33, halfway between Fairview and Comins in Oscoda County.

The Creepy Dolls of Comins


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