The great debate is on! Who has the best sweet corn in Mid-Michigan? The Corn-Off where my wife works had to be cancelled, as they are all working from home. But the smack talk between the corn shuckers continues.

My wife works for the state and last year she and a co-worker brought in sweet corn for a blind taste test to see who had the better area sweet corn: Pray Farms of Eaton Rapids and Diederich's of Webberville.

Pray Farms won in a landslide but the guy who brought and bragged up the Pray's corn, he picked Diederich's.

My wife doesn't take losing well and has talked smack about it all year. I have been going to Diederich's and getting the sweet corn and fresh produce. It's like they are planting on God's soil... That produce is like art. Delicious and beautiful. Plus, ALL the customers have been wearing masks in line. I was happy to see that in our small town.

So, Frankie goes to Pray's to grab some sweet corn and sarcastically asks if they have any Diederich's sweet corn for sale. The dude working said "No. But Joey Pants says it's some good stuff." He remembered the story I told from last year about corn off and told Frank. Frank was like, yeah that was me." What a small world. Thanks for listening Pray Farms! According to the people my wife works with, Pray Farms has the best sweet corn in our area. Nugget approved.

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