Mother Nature is on it's way to Cincinnati today as thunderstorms are projected from 3:00-9:00 and scattered showers more towards midnight tonight in The Queen City. Cincinnati has an all-star game to host tonight, the dilemma paints its own picture.

If you don't have a meteorology degree or maybe don't follow the NL Central very closely here's a rather unguarded secret. Cincinnati gets a lot of rain.

The numbers on Cincinnati's yearly rainfall (~42 inches annually) compared to Detroit's (~30 inches annually) paints a clear picture that more games get rained out at Great American Ballpark than do at Comerica Park.

So what happens if showers and thunderstorms get in the way of the Midsummer Classic? Well, this is why Major League Baseball schedules all-star breaks and not all-star days. The MLB schedule doesn't kick back up until Friday afternoon.

The 5-day forecast for Cincinnati as of this writing has partly cloudy and mostly sunny skies for Wednesday and Thursday with 0-10% chance of rain, temperatures in the high 70's. In other words, excellent baseball conditions. Even if the game has to be moved from it's traditional Tuesday night slot, the season won't be majorly interrupted.

Only one time has the MLB All-Star Game had to have been moved due to rain. In 1969, rain pushed the game from Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon and the season moved along with no major scheduling problems.

Many were worried that rain would cancel the Home-Run derby last night, however Mother Nature laid off and we were treated to an epic show last night. Maybe the same will happen tonight for the all-star game.