Every year there's a guy who tumbles down the NFL Draft board from projected high pick to somewhere amid relative obscurity.

Connor Cook was that guy this year.

The former Michigan State quarterback was projected as high a first-round pick, and a year ago many believed he would have gone as a Top 10 pick. But over the weekend Cook fell all the way to the fourth round when the Oakland Raiders selected him at 100 overall.

That's probably due to concerns over his personality and leadership abilities, or lack thereof. Much has been made of Cook's teammates at MSU not electing him as a captain. And then there was the drama with Archie Griffin.

A lot was written about all of that. But it all came to a head the weekend before the draft when Tom Pelissero and the USA Today ran several anonymous NFL types airing nebulous criticisms of Cook:

“There’s something off,” said an NFL quarterbacks coach, one of many people in the league who have spoken to Cook and gave their impressions to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity for competitive reasons. “There’s something about him that you just don’t trust him.”

“I don’t mind the kid at all,” a general manager for a different team said. “I’ll take an (expletive) who wins games over a nice guy who loses games. But there’s something missing with him.”

“There’s just something put-offish about him,” an offensive coordinator for a third team said. “It appears to me – I could be dead wrong – but he’d be a guy that, when he got in the locker room, they’d try to eat him up and spit him out.”

That didn't sit well with Cook's father, who took to Twitter to vent.

Pelissero has since published a follow-up piece sort of congratulating himself on accurately projecting Cook's fall in the draft. No response yet from Cook's dad.