Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd, and please buy me new food at Comerica Park during the 2019 Detroit Tigers baseball season.

Opening Day arrives at 1:10 p.m. April 4, that's still two weeks away.  It's a yearly treat to sample all the fun stuff Comerica Park chef Mark Szubeczak and his staff cook up each year.

Here are some of the food highlights this baseball season:

1.  Guernsey Ice Cream's Detroit Grand Slam.  It's coffee based with caramel swirls and chocolate chunks.  Delicious.

2.  Bahn Mi.  This sandwich has a thick slab of bacon topped with Asian slaw and sriracha aioli.

3.  French Onion Burger.  It's a burger smothered in Swiss cheese and caramelized onions with a tangy zip sauce.

Are you ready for more great food choices at Comerica Park?   Detroit Free Press has them all.

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