In this day in age, there are more ways college coaches can contact players they are recruiting, when they want to reach out to a high school athlete to grab their attention.

It could be using smartphones, sending a handwritten note--there are many ways. In this day and age, anything goes in the recruiting wars.

Last week, a mountain of 10,000 recruiting letters sat outside a New Jersey high school coach's office. They all went unread. These college staffs will do whatever they have to in recruiting.

When it comes to the NCAA's rules on recruiting, there are not too many limitations on printed materials. This is what the recruiting wars have turned into. The public universities ranked in the final top 25 poll this season in football spent an average of $470,584 on recruiting expenses. The university of Auburn spent a crazy amount in the neighborhood of $1.1 million on recruiting.

The college recruiting wars have gotten very cutthroat over the years. To be honest, it will get more intense in the years to come. These schools are willing to go overboard to get that next Heisman winner, or first-round NFL draft choice. It's mind-boggling to what extremes that coaches will go in the recruitment of any player that can help a school win.