On Tuesday the College Football Playoff committee released their first rankings of the season. With 11 undefeated teams left in college football and a few one-loss teams looking strong, it's ripe with interesting rankings.

For Sparty, they find themselves sitting seventh in the initial poll. A t4eam that was at one point ranked number two in the AP and is currently ranked sixth in both AP and Coaches' poll is one spot down in the initial ranking. MSU has potentially two big statement games still to play in Ohio State and a possible Big Ten championship game.

As it stands right now the top four are as follows: Clemson as the top seed, followed by LSU, Ohio State and Alabama at four, despite one loss already on their record.

LSU and Alabama play each other this week in what could very well be for a trip to the SEC championship game and spot in the final four come December.

Notre Dame at five and Baylor at six are the next two teams between the top four and Michigan State.

Fellow Big Ten unbeaten Iowa finds themselves at nine, they are one of five Big Ten teams in the initial rankings (Michigan and Northwestern the others not previously mentioned).

On top of the SEC having two tams in the top four the conference also has six in the top 25.

All 11 undefeated teams are ranked in the top 25 with Toledo and Houston slotted 24 and 25 despite being undefeated.

The top 25 pans out as follows:
#1 Clemson (8-0)
#2 LSU (7-0)
#3 Ohio State (8-0)
#4 Alabama (7-1)
#5 Notre Dame (7-1)
#6 Baylor (8-0)
#7 Michigan State (8-0)
#8 TCU (8-0)
#9 Iowa (8-0)
#10 Florida (7-1)
#11 Stanford (7-1)
#12 Utah (7-1)
#13 Memphis (8-0)
#14 Oklahoma State (8-0)
#15 Oklahoma (7-1)
#16 Florida State (7-1)
#17 Michigan (6-2)
#18 Ole Miss (7-2)
#19 Texas A&M (6-2)
#20 Mississippi State (6-2)
#21 Northwestern (6-2)
#22 Temple (7-1)
#23 UCLA (6-2)
#24 Toledo (7-0)
#25 Houston (8-0)

What do you think about the rankings? Who is too high? Who is too low? Let us know in the comments.