I started playing baseball when I was 5. I fell in love with the game immediately. There a few things that stand out to me about playing baseball at an early age.

I made new friends! A bunch of youngsters coming together to play a game at the beginners level can be intimidating. I remember getting butterflies early on because I was nervous. I didn't want to make an error playing defense and I didn't want to strike out. What changed my approach to the game? The coaches. Getting to know the other players was fun.

I will always remember the coaches I had. Instructional league was Mr. Madarino. Minor league was Mr. Kovalska and my dad. Little league was Mr. Fette, Mr. Dumke and my dad. Then came pony league, Mr. Denekas and Mr. Schadler were our coaches and we went undefeated that year. In Babe Ruth, it was Mr. Schadler. We had a blast. The coaches helped develop our skills, and most importantly, our self confidence.

Earlier this year my son, out of nowhere, says to me "dad, I really want to play baseball this year". Keep in mind he did play t-ball when he was young, I was the coach. After t-ball I figured my son had no more interest in playing the game. He even said, "Dad, I don't like baseball".

I am not trying to live vicariously thru my son. He can pursue and try new things that he wants. It was a nice announcement that he made to me about playing baseball. I encouraged him to do so, he signed up and I volunteered to coach his team.

My son played U10 baseball this year for Laingsburg. I was added to the coaching staff that had Head Coach Ray and Coach Tim. Coach Eric also joined the coaching staff too. We all had kids on the team playing. This was special for all of us.

One of the things I loved most about the season, we ended the season last night undefeated, was watching each of these fellas get better at every practice, every game, every pitch, every at bat and every play. The team developed self confidence and in doing so became a force to reckoned with. Our team plays hard, we play to win. We instill good sportsmanship on our team.

We had some come from behind victories that were pretty stressful. The TEAM pulled out the victory, we taught them to never give up, ever. They took the message to heart and ground out victories that seemed impossible.

I enjoyed building relationships with each coach, team member and their parents. How lucky am I? I get to coach the game I love, be a role model for the "guys" and instill good values both on and off the field. I loved every minute of the season. It's hard to believe that the 3 month season is already over.

I am grateful for the opportunity to coach this year in Laingsburg and I look forward to coaching again next year. Who knows, maybe we can play some fall ball.

Thank you Laingsburg Youth Baseball for providing me this opportunity. I know that each of the coaches loved doing this too. We had fun with the kids and we are so proud of the team for playing an exceptional year, going undefeated.

On 3....Wolfpack. 1....2....3.... WOLFPACK

Laingsburg Youth Baseball

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