In an extra-innings loss last season, Justin Verlander was wary that Cleveland was stealing signs from Detroit pitchers, and less than a month ago Verlander was in the news again with similar claims.

The Indians haven't forgotten those accusations.

After giving up five runs in the first two innings on Monday, including a three-run home run to Tyler Collins, the Indians twitter feed sent this out.

Ellipse abuse aside, the Indians seem to at least insinuate that there were some shenanigans going on early in last night's contest. They would later play it off on Twitter as a joke, tweeting this almost two hours later.

No Indians players or management came out after Monday's game to accuse Detroit of stealing signs during the 7-3 Tigers win.

Maybe there was no sign-stealing going on and it was a joke as the Indians' Twitter claims. But just in case, maybe the Tigers should keep an eye on the Indians' social media team next time they're in Detroit.

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