Call these little waterfalls what you want - Sara's Falls or Claybanks Falls – but you will find this a very pretty & tranquil site to hang out at for awhile.

The falls are not what I would call 'magnificent', being only a few feet tall...but it's the place & surroundings that make it what it is.

Parking says “Sara's Falls Parking” but others claim this is called “Claybanks Falls”. Others simply don't know and call it “Manistee Falls”.

This is a little out-of-the-way place that few people know about...and once you visit, you may want to keep it as your own little secret spot as well.

The parking spot is at the junction of Blueberry Lane and E. Sweets Ravine, 27 miles northwest of Cadillac.

Look at the photos and video below, then hop in a vehicle this weekend and take a roadtrip to the falls!



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