You've probably been faced with this dilemma more than once in your life. Do you toss the lights and go grab new ones? But that does leave the question. Why should you toss them if they can be recycled?

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String lights can be a little annoying as well. You have to make sure that all the lights work, and even if one doesn't, half the strand won't work. Is it also worth unraveling that big ball of lights?

Here's Your Light Alternative 

This could be the spring cleaning excuse to get rid of some of those lights that you've had for a while and maybe never even use.

The string lights are actually recyclable, but shouldn't be put in with your average recyclables. They are in theory able to be recycled, but they could also damage some of the equipment used in recycling, according to WSYM.

Where Is The Light Drop-Off Location?

For those who want to make the drive, or are Eaton County residents, you can take your string lights to a few different locations.

  • Charlotte Area Recycling Authority
  • Delta Township Recycling

Those are a few locations, the rest can be found here. 

Your Lights Can Make A Difference

In previous years, Eaton County has collected nearly 531 pounds of sting lights, and they're only hoping to get more lights this year. Imagine how much that just kept out of landfills.

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