As the Tigers and White Sox were set to play game three of a four game weekend set some intriguing news came out of the White Sox clubhouse.

Scheduled starter Chris Sale was scratched. Sale, 27, is on the trade block according to some in the MLB reporting business, a lot of people thought he had been traded in advance of the MLB trade deadline at the end of this month.

Turns out he was sent home for a much more silly reason.

The White Sox were set to wear their 1976 throwback jerseys in today's game against the Tigers.

The White Sox are wearing 80's throwbacks instead featuring the blue with red border horzontal stripe across the chest with SOX on the front.

This is not Sale's first blowup this year. Sale was involved in a screaming match with White Sox management regarding Adam Laroche's retirement when Laroche was told his son Drake couldn't be in the clubhouse every day.

Matt Alberts got career start 24 in his 11 year MLB career in the wake of all of this silliness.

The game went under a rain delay to start that only lasted about 10 minutes. The game was delayed a second time for weather in the top of the 3rd inning. The White Sox led 2-1. The game was delayed a third time after eight innings, the score is 3-3.

Guess Sale picked a good day to get sent home.