A recent story hit the internet about a new multi-million dollar state park in Flint, and one video had a field day with the story.

The site of a former Chevy plant will be the home of Michigan's 104th state park.  Chevy Commons will be in Gennessee County, more specifically, Flint, Michigan, and will cost around $30.2 million.  I have no doubt this will be a beautiful park when it's complete.  However, a recent headline in combination with a strange choice of a featured image left one TikTok creator scratching his head.  See the video below.

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(Important Note: I am in no way making fun of the hard-working people of MLive.  This video was just too funny to ignore.)  Mlive's headline of "Michigan’s newest state park will be in arm’s reach of the vibrant, popular downtown scene" above a photo showing a desolate background of weeds and a couple of older buildings off at a distance.  Again, I'm sure once this park is complete it will look amazing.  But, you have to admit, that TikTok pointing out the contrast between the words and the image is pretty funny.  This new park in Flint is just one piece of a larger puzzle according to this Mlive story,

Whitmer said The Building Michigan Together plan will invest $250 million to improve all 103 of the state’s existing state parks...

On a serious note, I'm happy Flint is getting a new state park.  However, I do hope that the State of Michigan is investing lots of money in the people of that community whose health and finances suffered dramatically during the Flint water crisis not too long ago.

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