It's one of Michigan's many historic landmarks here in the state. First being built in the early 1930s, and serving till 1981 when she was permanently retired.

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This, is the great ship, the S.S. City Of Milwaukee.

Check Out Michigan's Last Pre-1940's Great Lake Railroad Car Ferry

Before big bridges like the Mighty Mac, it was once harder to travel between one peninsula and the other. If you were lucky enough to own a car during this time period or wanted to travel between the two different peninsulas, you'd probably took a boat. The only other way would be to drive through Wisconsin to get to the U.P. This is one of Michigan's last pre-1940's Great Lakes Railroad Car ferry, which would transfer cars and people from one part of the state to another.

A ship that is almost frozen in a past time. In a decade before smartphones, smartwatches, and other fancier gadgets. This ship is thirty years older than the Mackinac Bridge, standing a testament to the old mode of transportation before the great bridge was constructed and completed in 1954.

Not that you'll find train tracks on the Might Mac that is.

Ships such as the City of Milwaukee were vital during the time of railways and before the construction of the Mackinac Bridge. Vessels such as the Milwaukee allowed travel between not only the peninsulas but also allowed travel where rail tracks stopped, and where cars couldn't.

At many times, the ship could be seen making trips between Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Muskegon, among various destinations.

Standing a testament to its time, you can visit the ship to be transported back in time. Docked in the bays of Lake Manistee, in Manistee Michigan.

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