We all love going to the movies. Every time I step foot into the lobby of the Studio Park Celebration cinema, I hear that little tune "Let's all go to the lobby", playing in my head as I decide exactly how much butter is TOO MUCH butter for my popcorn. (Correct answer: there is never enough real butter on my popcorn, so bring it on.)

13. Liquid Butter
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And while the Celebration Cinema chain of theatres has always prided themselves as offering a top tier movie going experience without the sky high prices, they've now made an industry leading move that will enhance the movie going experience for folks who may have been unable to see a movie on the big screen before.

via Google Streetview
via Google Streetview

Celebration announced that they will be offering more accessibility options for people wanting to see movies. Starting February 18th, they will be offering showings of films that will allow you to get closed caption viewing. While, some of us enjoy having the closed captioning to follow along, for many people in West Michigan, it makes it possible to see things on the big screen with others as they are released, versus having to wait until the movie was out for home viewing.

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According to their website, they are offering closed captioning devices that will sit in your cup holder and give you captions as the movie goes. This service comes at no additional charge, all you have to do is ask a team member for help to acquire the device.

They are also offering special sensory sensitive showings of movies to allow those who are more sensitive to lights and sounds to also enjoy films on the big screen.

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If you'd like to learn more about Celebration Cinema's accessibility options, you can find them here.

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