I'm sure I sound like a cranky old man that yells things like "GET OFF MY LAWN!" but something has been happening in my Grand Rapids neighborhood and it's really starting to GRIND MY GEARS.

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Someone has been parking their car during the day and at night part way up a steep driveway leaving the bottom half completely blocking the sidewalk. I'm not trying to be the neighborhood "Karen", but it's frustrating having to walk around the car with my dogs Benny and Paddy, so I decided to look into things and see if this was allowed or if this car was illegally parked and I could do something about it.

Can You Get A Ticket For Parking Like This Michigan Moron Did?

Credit: Big Joe Pesh / TSM
Credit: Big Joe Pesh / TSM

While walking in Grand Rapids I saw this car parked in a driveway that was blocking a majority of the sidewalk. While I was frustrated to have to walk around the car the thing that really bothered me about the terrible parking job is that a mother that was out on a walk with her baby in a stroller struggled to navigate around the parked car.

How Long Was The Car Blocking The Sidewalk?

I'm sure you might be reading this and asking "Well how long was the car parked there?" I don't know the exact amount of time, but on this particular day, I don't think it moved at all. I was walking home from dinner with my wife and saw the car parked in the exact same spot.

Credit: Big Joe Pesh / TSM
Credit: Big Joe Pesh / TSM

Is It Illegal In Michigan To Block The Sidewalk With Your Vehicle?

From what I found the answer is YES!

Michigan Vehicle Code 257.674 states that

a vehicle must not be parked, except if necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the law or the directions of a police officer or traffic-control device, in any of the following places:

(a) On a sidewalk.
(b) In front of a public or private driveway.
(c) Within an intersection.
(d) Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
(e) On a crosswalk.

How To Report A Parking Complaint

If you live in the City of Grand Rapids there are several ways to report a parking complaint. You can download the GRCity 311 mobile app for iPhone or Android

Or you can file a parking complaint online.

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