Folks up in the Great White North are getting a metaphorical high-five from those of us in the States.

Fans at Rogers Place attending the third game of the Edmonton Oilers-Anaheim Mighty Ducks playoff series sang America's national anthem after country singer Brett Kissel -- brought in to sing it -- noticed his microphone was not working.

Let's just say Canada has got our back.

No matter if you're an Oilers fan, a Ducks fan, a Canadian, an American, a Republican or a Democrat, this is cooler than the ice the Zamboni just covered. We live in turbulent times, so when people can come together -- even it's just a small symbolic gesture, like this -- you have to appreciate what it means. The crowd may have been whipped into a frenzy by the sing-a-long, but it didn't carry over to the Oilers -- they lost 6-3, but still lead the series, 2-1.

The crowd came out as the big winner, though. At least, according to Kissel:

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