What are the odds of picking a perfect NCAA tournament bracket? The exact chances of nailing the winner of all 63 games are incalculable. It is almost impossible.

A perfect NCAA tournament bracket comes with many special items; winning the office pool and big-time respect. But now there is more at stake. A $1 billion from a guy who knows about big money.

This man is Warren Buffett . Quicken Loans announced they will pay a $1 billion prize paid out over 40 years-insured by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. The kicker is you have to predict every NCAA tournament winner. This is quite the incentive but to achieve, almost impossible to do. Warren Buffet says Albert Einstein could not figure the odds.

March Madness is a great time of year. But if someone pulled off this miracle that would be intense. Last season, the odds were around 1 in 3 billion. Warren Buffet is a brilliant man, with a very generous heart, but not even he could get close. Don't forget if someone does win, he has to cut a check for a $1 billion dollars.