On Friday, Usain Bolt made history being the first Olympian to win the "triple-triple" of sprinting.

He won the 100 meter, 200 meter, and was a part of the 4x100 meter relay teams at Beijing (2008), London (2012), and Rio (2016), setting world records along the way.

In the 100 meter race in Rio Bolt was the 7th slowest out of the blocks, but his long frame and incredible closing speed helped him win the race. Bolt has been known at times to be a slow starter, so the New York Times asked the question. Could you beat Usain Bolt out of the blocks?

When playing this game it's worth remembering even if you try to cheat and guess when the gun goes it won't be worth it. If your reaction time is under .100 the IOC has deemed that an inhumanly possible reaction time to the starting gun, so you do have to go on pure reaction.

I personally hover in the low .200s I got a .193 just because I flinched and panicked during a long delay between "set" and "go".

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