This controversy about the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree of the 49er's is over. Enough, of the media judging Sherman and his behavior. Richard Sherman made a great play. He deflected a pass intended for flanker Michael Crabtree in the end zone. It was then intercepted and the game was over.

Richard Sherman was villafied as the worst person in the world. Why, after the game Sherman was interviewed by Erin Andrews and went on a pro wrestling tirade. He did lose it for a time. But, he isn't the first athlete to go on a trash-talk tirade.

This tirade with Erin Andrews has become larger then the game. But, what's crazy I know what set Sherman off. After the game Sherman had gone up to Crabtree and said "helluva game" twice, and tried to shake Crabtree's hand . So, Crabtree shoved Richard Sherman in the face mask. Sherman turned into a hot ticket, and that's when the camera was turned on for the interview.

The moral of the story is Richard Sherman is not the first athlete to become irate and trash talk on camera. He was wrong and over the top, but can we please move on.