After an eight-year layoff from the NFL, Tim Tebow has decided to make a comeback with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end. Tebow will not play quarterback where he won the Heisman Trophy at Florida with the Gators.

Tebow played quarterback for a few teams in the NFL, but he just couldn’t stick with a team. So he ended up retiring. These teams did want him to try to play another position, but he said no!

Tim Tebow then went into broadcasting and tried to play Major League Baseball with the Mets. That didn’t work out either. Tebow seems to like media attention, but I give him credit for perseverance and being a solid athlete.

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Let’s get this in the right perspective. Tim Tebow is coming out of retirement after an eight-year leave of absence. Then, he is changing to a new position, which is tight end. Also, another wrinkle to the story is that his head coach will be the same head coach he had at Florida. This man’s name is Urban Meyer.

Meyer will be in his first year in the NFL. He has been a head coach in college football at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and THE Ohio State. He has won three National Championships in his career. But now it’s a whole new ball game. He’s coaching in the NFL.

So he’s giving his former quarterback a chance at a comeback as a tight end. This could either be a great story or blow up in their faces. Tim Tebow could have played the tight end position in the NFL before, but he refused. Now for whatever reason, he is coming out of retirement.

This story will only grow as time goes on, and it will definitely be intriguing. The question is, can Tim Tebow make a comeback? We can only wait and see.

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