Saturday’s contest between the MSU Spartans and the U could be a statement game for Mel Tucker’s troops.

What I mean is MSU is undefeated and has covered with the point spreads too. But they’re not in the top 25 yet. The U is, though.

The University of Miami was crushed by Alabama at a neutral site and barely won at home last weekend versus Appalachian State. MSU can make a statement with a big win down in South Florida. Because they are a six-point dog on the road.

I really believe MSU can cut the cake and beat the U. MSU must start this game out with a bang. The Spartans have more firepower than they have ever had. The Transfer portal has made MSU a contender. But MSU has to utilize its new offensive weapons.

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I know Kenneth Walker will have to play a great game, but I expect him to be fresh. MSU wants to have a great showing also because of all the great talent in South Florida high school football.

Mel Tucker is very aware of going to Miami and crushing the U. In August, nobody thought MSU could beat the U. But after seeing them on the road at Northwestern and at home last weekend, people have a different viewpoint.

Well, toe to leather is at 12 noon tomorrow in Miami. I like MSU to go down to the U and getter done!

This game could be a season changer!

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