Well, it all gets started today in Lakeland , Florida. Pitchers and catchers begin spring training. In Florida and Arizona all major league camps officially open up. This year is going to be very interesting for the Detroit Tigers. There manager Brad Ausmus will be under a lot of scrutiny to get this team back into the playoffs. not a lot of changes occurred in the off season.

The Tigers have to compete against the Cleveland Indians in their division. The Indians competed against the Chicago Cubs in last seasons World Series. The Indians lost in the last game seven. The Indians have not won a World Series since 1948. On the other hand the Tigers haven't won a World Series since 1984. I was there in Tiger Stadium for that clinching win. Now, the Tiger organization has a very true incentive. The Detroit Tigers and Red Wing owner and pizza mogul Mike Illitch died last Friday. He was 87.

The Detroit Tigers are still full of outstanding ballplayers. There average age is 28. Besides Cleveland the Kansas City Royals are going to be very good too. The Tigers will be a very good team this year. But, can they put it all together and get back to the playoffs? Detroit still has a very high payroll and it hasn't paid dividends yet. Will 2017 be the Tigers season to shock the World? If not manager Brad Ausmus might not have a job with the Tigers next year at this time!

Houston Astros v Detroit Tigers
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