The Detroit Lions are trying to get strong. Their president and chief bottle washer is Bob Quinn. Quinn, has done a solid job in just a little over one year at the helm. I feel with Quinn's experience with the New England Patriots he was the right man for the job. Bob Quinn was with the Pat's for over ten years. He worked with owner Bob Craft, head coach Bill Belicheck and superstar quarterback Tom Brady.

The Detroit Lions have smelled for over 50 years. Now it's time to get this team consistently in the playoffs. This garbage franchise has never been to the Super Bowl. They have an outstanding quarterback in Matt Stafford, but need more strong players. The Lions addressed their offensive line needs with two solid signings this week. Bob Quinn has done one fine job so far. Detroit did make the playoffs this past season. But, they were crushed in their first game.

The Detroit Lions have been awful forever. Fan's have to be realistic for their future. I feel with Bob Quinn at the helm they should continue to get better. The Lions need to have a strong upcoming NFL Draft too. We can only hope Bob Quinn continues to get more depth.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images Sport
Joe Robbins/Getty Images Sport

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