Well, the clock is ticking down. Will Major League Baseball even be played for a half of a season? This is one of the most bizarre events in sports history. Ok, so, the pandemic hits the world. Many people have passed away or gotten very sick from this terrible virus. All sports from high school to professional were either paused or cancelled. Many concerts, March Madness and everything where throngs of people would gather for were postponed or cancelled.

The NBA will come back in July at Disney World’s sports arenas. But no fans can gather to watch. The NHL is absolutely the same, but they will continue the season in a unique way at two different cities. Again, with no fans.

This is something that hasn’t happened in 100 years since the 1919 Black Sox scandal happened. Because even when the Pandemic happened that year, they still had to cancel games. The only difference is that owners and players weren’t earning the salaries and money like they are today. The bottom line: both sides, the owners and MLB players, have to work together to get baseball playing before July is over.

This is the lay of the land. There will be no fans at the stadiums, there will be interleague play with 30 teams in three divisions too. There will be a universal designated hitter. Again, this haggling for the dollar is unbelievable. These are grown men playing a kid's game. With the owners making tons of television contracts.

But this year it’s different because no fans means no concessions and merchandise sold at the stadium. Baseball is America’s pastime, but the owners and players are in it for themselves. If they don’t play because of greed, this grand old game will take a big hit with awful publicity. Both sides can’t come to a working decision, so now the current Commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred will have to make the final call.

To get baseball back on the diamond, he has the final decision. Manfred will have to make something fair for both the owners and players. Not an easy task at all.  This has to be done ASAP! Can the owners and the players get on the same page?

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