The Chicago Cubs are dominating their division in the National League. Chicago Cubs baseball has been rotten since the early 1900's. There has been a intense quirky history. The Cubs have been a laughing stock in all of pro sports for many years. Somewhat like the Detroit Lions in the NFL. Cubs fans have been patient, frustrated, disappointed, and most of all hope full.

But now the Chicago Cubs are on fire. The guy who has lit the match is manager Joe Madden. Madden, came to the Cubs from Tampa. He managed the Rays for many years. Madden took that franchise to the World Series one time. Now, it's time for him to take the Cubs to the World Series. Joe Madden is regarded as one of the top managers in all of  professional baseball.

The Chicago Cubs have a very solid team this season. They are led by star pitcher Jake Arrieta and a young player named Chris Bryant. This team has won many games so far.  They need to get to the World Series. The Chicago Cubs have been snake bit and have had the worst luck then any other major league for over a hundred years. So, now this is the Joe Madden era. Let's just see if they can get to the World Series.



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