Bud Selig took over as acting commissioner of MLB in 1992. It was a turbulent time: There was the lockout, a cancelled world Series just a lot of strife and not a lot of cohesiveness.

Selig's 22-year reign is the second-longest in baseball history, behind only Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Bud Selig started in baseball many years ago as the owner of the Seattle Pilots. His family then moved the franchise to Milwaukee and called the team the Brewers. He and his family made their fortune in the car business. The Brewers had gone to the World Series one time--they were called Harvey's Wall Bangers. They were led by Gorman Thomas, Paul Molitor and Robin Yount.

The last commissioner before Selig was Fay Vincent. Vincent was forced out by the owners, so they voted in Selig as the interim commissioner for 22 years. This guy wasn't a leader, he was a taker. Selig will walk away with millions as the former commissioner and I feel he was very overrated. He was credited with many areas that I feel he shouldn't have been.

The new commissioner of MLB starting in January will be Rob Manfred. I want to congratulate this man because falling out of bed he will do a better job then Selig.