Most people have what's called a "bucket list." These are things that people would like to do, or places they want to go before they pass away.

Having a sports bucket list is no exception. And here's a look at my sports bucket list. Big events that I would love to attend (either as a member of the media or as a fan).

Oh, before I get to that, I've already been to several great events/places in my life. Non-sports related places like Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, Washington, D.C., Glacier National Park in Montana, Walt Disney World, among others.

Sports-related places/events? The old Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. The Michigan-Ohio State football game in 2007 (a spiritual experience). The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. And the Pontiac Silverdome a handful of times (that was an experience every single time).

Ok, here we go...

There you have it. That's my sports bucket list. What would be on yours? Let us know on Facebook or through the app!

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