The Masters - Final Round
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I was stunned on Tuesday afternoon when I found out about the one-car accident involving Tiger Woods (pictured after the 2019 Masters) out in California.

My first thought was:  Is he alive??  Then it was, Is he going to survive??  Forget anything with golf!!!!

And while his injuries to his legs are significant, they aren't life-threatening.  That's pretty amazing considering how damaged his vehicle was.

This is very reminiscent of what happened to the great Ben Hogan back in 1949.  He hit a Greyhound bus head-on on a Texas road and survived a major wreck.  Like Woods, he suffered major leg injuries.  But Hogan came back to win multiple majors after that.  Who knows if Tiger will ever play golf again.

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If Woods doesn't play golf again, his place in history is secure.  15 major titles (5 Masters, 4 PGA's, 3 U.S. Open, and 3 British Open).  That's second only to Jack Nicklaus's 18 majors.  82 PGA Tour wins (tied for most all-time with Sam Snead).  Why the World Golf Hall of Fame hasn't waived its rules and put Tiger in the Hall of Fame by now is beyond me.

And while Tiger hasn't been good for as long as Nicklaus was, his dominant stretch from the 1999 PGA Championship through the 2002 PGA Championship is the best golf I've seen anyone play.  EVER!!!!

His unexpected victory in the 2019 Masters wasn't quite as memorable as Jack Nicklaus' incredible 1986 Masters triumph.  But it's pretty close.  And if he ever comes back and plays again (again, that is secondary to his health and ability to live a normal life), that would be amazing.  And if he comes back and contends or wins another major??  Now we're getting into mythic figure-type stuff.  He's almost there now.


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