The first thing I have to say about the Miguel Cabrera contract extension is....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!  An eight-year extension worth more than $240 million that takes him through 2023.  This does not include the vesting options for 2024 and 2025 worth $30 million apiece.

As insane a contract as that is, even as great as Cabrera is, if the Tigers would have waited until after the 2015 season to re-sign him.  There would be 7-10 teams that would have given him similar money to what the Tigers gave him.

Once Max Scherzer reportedly rejected the six-year offer worth $144 million on Sunday, I had a feeling that an announcement for the Cabrera extension would be coming soon.  It didn't take long.

But all this contract does is set the baseline for what LA Angels of Anaheim star outfielder Mike Trout is going to get in his next contract.  Reports have surfaced that Trout could get anywhere around 10 years, $400 million from any number of teams.  As great as Cabrera is, Trout is the better all-around player, IMO (fielding, running, better athlete).

With this contract however, Cabby can become the greatest hitter and position player in the history of the franchise.  He has 365 career HR's, two MVP's, and three straight AL batting titles up to this point.  What numbers is he going to put up now???

Cabrera and Justin Verlander are the hubs that everything is built around with this team.  Signing them long-term in the last 12 months is risky, give their age (both are 30).  But the team really has no choice but to do it because of the potential suitors out there once they hit free agency.

Opening Day is Monday, Justin Verlander is on the hill for Detroit, Miguel Cabrera is at 1st base.  Get used to it folks, they'll be here awhile.

That's all for now...this is Brock Palmbos, signing off.