At this point of the season (4 games in), we have a pretty good idea as to how good each of these teams are in the Big Ten Conference.  And Michigan is no exception.

Here we go:  This is the worst Michigan defense since 2010 (RichRod's last season), which is the worst Michigan D of all-time.  Some of that is due to injuries during the season(Aidan Hutchinson, Kwity Paye, Cam McGrone, and Brad Hawkins), and they've had guys like Ambry Thomas opt out.  But I (and a lot of other people) expected better than what we've seen this year.  Michigan's secondary is brutal other than safety Daxton Hill.

The offensive line isn't very good either.  They can't run the ball against respectable defenses (No, Minnesota doesn't count.  Defense is optional there).  Because of that, the running backs that looked good last year (Zach Charbonnet, Hassan Haskins), don't look as good this year.

The kicking game is shaky with Jake Moody and Quinn Nordin.  Both have been wildly inconsistent.  Will Hart and Brad Robbins at punter have been just OK.

Now, the positives.  At least they have found their quarterback for the rest of this season.  He is redshirt freshman Cade McNamara (pictured above).  He is the main reason they beat Rutgers last week in triple overtime.  Sophomore Joe Milton has been too erratic in the passing game.

And Michigan does have young speed at wide receiver.  I like Giles Jackson and Ronnie Bell (he should be getting the ball more).  And Mike Sainristil and Cornelius Johnson have had good moments, too.

Overall, a very disappointing season.  2-3 is not acceptable, even with the injuries.  They can win over Penn State and Maryland the next two weeks. But Ohio State is a different animal.  They have almost no chance against them.

But 5-4 (with a win in Champions Week) is still possible and a halfway decent bowl.  I'm really trying to find the positives here, folks.  Because it's tough to do so.

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