As many of you by now, Joe Dumars resigned his position as President and General Manager of the Detroit Pistons back on Monday.  It was something that was long overdue, and this move prevented the shame of owner Tom Gores firing him.  Which would have happened had Dumars not resigned. Joe has made some bad moves in recent years which have made the Pistons an irrelevent franchise once again.  They are in the same state as they were when Dumars took the reins originally back in 2000.  But that's not what this article is about. 

I prefer to remember him as the Hall of Fame player as he is in the picture above.  One of the great shooting guards in NBA history.  Michael Jordan said the Dumars was the toughest guy who ever guarded him.  He's the 1989 NBA Finals MVP against the L.A. Lakers, and the guy who played through his father's death during the 1990 NBA Finals against Portland. 

I'll also remember him for the great trades he made to turn the franchise into a champion in four seasons.  First, the Grant Hill sign-and-trade with Orlando in which Detroit got Chucky Atkins and some guy named...Ben Wallace.  Who would have ever thought they would've got the better end of that deal?  Then, sending Jerry Stackhouse to Washington for Richard Hamilton.  And finally, the trade that brought Rasheed Wallace to Detroit from Atlanta for three players.  Those trades, along with the free agent signing of Chauncey Billups and the drafting of Tayshaun Prince and Mehmet Okur (remember him?), made them champions again. 

We know about the bad drafts/trades/free agent signings he's made (Darko Milicic, really??).  And all the coaching changes that happened under his watch, which weren't all his call.  It's why he's now an adviser for the team.  But when you make a list of the 10 most important people in the history of the Pistons, he's on that list somewhere.  

He along with late owner Bill Davidson, are the only people involved in all three championships, and all five Finals appearances.  That's something to be cherished and celebrated.  As well as his great class and dignity that he showed throughout his career.  Those are what I'll always remember when it comes to who the former Palace PA announcer, Ken Calvert called:  Joe Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuumars. 

That's all for now, this is Brock Palmbos.....signing off.