I have never, and I mean NEVER seen it as bad as it is in the city of Detroit for the town's four major professional sports teams.  The Red Wings are awful, the Tigers aren't good.  The Pistons?  People don't care about them.  And the Lions?  SOL..Same Old Lions

Let's examine each outfit in detail:


One playoff win since 1957.  I could just end it right there, but like Mad Dog says "The fish rots from the head down".  Bad ownership is the source of this horrible franchise.  They keep hiring the wrong executives and coaches, time after time.  That just filters down to the players. Executive Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia (pictured) have been a disaster.

And their fans know the deal, too.  Sometimes, the coaches and players get mad at the fans for being so negative.  Well, the fans know the deal, the coaches and players who criticize them don't.  They are destined for another executive and coaching change after the season, assuming they keep losing, which they probably will.


The rebuild of this franchise is taking longer than a lot of fans and media want.  I realize that the organization needed to do a rebuild after Dave Dombrowski was let go and owner Mike Ilitch died.  But it's taking awhile.  Miguel Cabrera is owed $102 million over the next four seasons.  They do have some youngsters that show promise.  And they need to find a manager with the sudden retirement of Ron Gardenhire.  But they need to kick it into gear in 2021.  That's a big year for this team.


You knew they were going to have a down cycle after a generation of incredible success.  25 straight years to the playoffs, 4 Stanley Cup titles in 6 Finals appearances from 1995-2009 speaks for itself.

But they have fallen on hard times in the salary cap era.  Age, bad contracts, and career-ending injuries to Henrik Zetterberg, Jiri Fischer, and Johan Franzen have stunted their success.  They finished 2020 with the fewest points in the NHL (39).  They have a few good forwards, but almost no defense.  And they need another goalie, too.  At least they have the right guy running things in Steve Yzerman.  The fans and organization will give him time to build because he is so beloved.


This franchise has one problem that they can't cure until they win consistently....APATHY!!!!  The general public doesn't care about the Pistons unless they are championship-quality or pretty damn close to it.

They have not recovered from the Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson trade dating back to 2008.  The team mutinied on former coach John Kuester (remember that?).  Lawrence Frank, Maurice Cheeks, and Stan Van Gundy weren't successful coaches either.  The jury is still out on Dwane Casey.  They didn't win anything with Andre Drummond at center,  and they are saddled with over $75 million over the next two years with oft-injured Blake Griffin.  They have a lot of cap room this offseason, but who wants to come play here?  Not many guys.

They have to get lucky in the Draft or in free agency (which they did with Derrick Rose).  Because they can't get as lucky in the trade market as they did back in the day when they sent disgruntled Grant Hill to Orlando for Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins in 2000 (one of the greatest trades in team history).

They have a new executive in charge in Troy Weaver, who was hired earlier this year.  He deserves a chance to try to improve this outfit.

Overall, you've got four bad teams in the same town.  I knew Detroit fans were gluttons for punishment, but this is ridiculous.  The fans have been more than patient.  It's time to give them their money's worth.  Win guys, Win!!!

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