Remember two years ago when social media urged then-candidate Gretchen Whitmer to "Forget about the damn roads!!!  Fix The Lions!!!"??

Well, Governor Whitmer has other more pressing issues to deal with than trying to fix the Lions.  However, that got me thinking as to how I would fix your gridiron heroes.

Knowing one thing in advance:  I would be working for the Ford family because they are NOT selling the team!

Here are a few suggestions from me:

1.  Find a real coach and GM, not Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn

Bob Quinn was hired to oversee football operations in 2016.  He let Jim Caldwell coach the team until he was fired after the 2017 season (justifiably, IMO).  But then he brought in his New England buddy Matt Patricia for the 2018 season.  The results (9-24-1) speak for itself.  What an embarrassment!!

It seems that these guys (at least to me anyway) think they're the smartest guys in the room.  Uhhh, no you're not!  Both Quinn and Patricia have two years left on their contract.  Unless there's a major turnaround, they would both be gone after the season (I'm not a fan of firing in mid-season).

2.  Get a pass rush!

This year's defensive line is awful.  I know they've had injuries, but their pass rush in non-existent.  Trey Flowers has been a bust and nobody else has stepped up.  I hoped the Lions would tank to get Chase Young last year.  He's exactly what they need.  But the Lions don't live that well.  And as they say, if you have a good pass rush, the entire defense gets better.

3.  Tank For Trevor?

Matthew Stafford (pictured) is the best quarterback this team has had since Bobby Layne (the numbers back that up).  And while their struggles aren't all his fault, he does share some of the blame.  Bad sacks, unnecessary interceptions from forcing the ball, and other on-field decisions are questionable.  Stafford can opt-out after this season, and I would advise him to do so.

Trevor is Trevor Lawrence, the junior QB at Clemson.  He's taken the Tigers to two straight national title games in college and could do it again in January.  He's one of the favorites for the Heisman Trophy and the likely number 1 pick in next spring's Draft.  Some observers have him as the best QB prospect since Stanford's John Elway in 1983.  Whispers have already started for the Lions to tank to get the number 1 pick to get Lawrence.

4.  Draft more offensive lineman

The Lions have tried everything with the offensive line (Draft, free agents, waiver wires), but nothing has worked since Wayne Fontes coached here in the early 90s.

They've actually drafted OK on the O-Line.  I like Frank Ragnow, he can play center or both guard positions.  Former 1st round pick Taylor Decker is OK at left tackle, but I wouldn't have given him the contract extension that the team gave him in training camp.  They need more quality linemen here, but it's not that bad now.

5.  Extend Kenny Golladay

The fourth-year wide receiver wanted a contract extension before this season started.  He is an unrestricted free agent after this season.  He is the lone deep threat on the roster.  He hasn't played yet this season because of injury.  But I would still extend him.

These are just a few suggestions.  I have followed the Lions since 1980 (I was 5 years old then), and I have seen this team lose in almost every possible way in the 40+ seasons that I've watched them play.  They've tried almost everything else, why not try a few of my suggestions?  But you know what, on the other hand, maybe those wouldn't work either.  Why???


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