Many people that you'll meet in life like to collect things.  Whether it's coins, stamps, historic artifacts, family heirlooms, sports cards, etc.

Well, yours truly likes to collect baseball hats.  And more specifically, Major League Baseball (MLB) hats.  And even MORE specifically, the actual on-field hats that the players, managers, and coaches wear.

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I guess I'm a little bit of a snob when it comes to baseball hats.  I only buy the official, fitted MLB hats.  I like the look of most of the hats in MLB.  And a good portion of them are iconic and known worldwide.  You know the Yankees, Cardinals, Cubs, and Tigers logos and hats and you can see Americans wearing those hats all over the world.

Another reason I buy and own those hats are for another simple reason.  They are fairly affordable and you can wear them out in public and nobody will say anything.  Football helmets, on the other hand, are expensive and you can't really wear them in public.

Think about it...If you wear a Detroit Lions helmet walking down the street in Lansing, people will look at you funny and wonder "What's wrong with that guy?"  Now, you guys know that I'm weird.  But not THAT weird!!!

I didn't accumulate all 30 team hats until earlier this spring when I bought the Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers on the internet.  It took me two years to get all 30 teams.  Folks, I didn't binge buy all these hats in one swoop.  I would buy one or two hats at a time at various hat stores throughout Michigan.  That's why it took two years to finish.

Once I collected at 30 teams, I decided to post me wearing them on my personal Facebook page.  I called it "30 Hats in 30 Days", and I was surprised to see how much positive feedback I got from people.  Almost all of it was positive.

So here, by popular demand, are all 30 MLB hats.  All are worn by me, and all pictures are taken by me.  Either in my humble apartment or here at the radio station.

And a few thoughts from me on each hat and a fact or two about each team you might not know.  And finally, I line up all the hats by league.  The American League in one picture, the National League in the other.

Brock's Major League Baseball Hat Collection

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