You've probably heard me talk about Brock Fletcher and The SELLING Team with Keller Williams Realty on the radio. He's the area's premiere real estate agent, but he's also become a great friend over the past year. He is a family guy and can relate to buyers and sellers obstacles and hurdles they might endure.

In the Lansing area, no agent brings you more options and spends more money to attract more buyers to sell your home for the most money! He's told me about some of his Hall of Fame-worthy client experiences. Take Graham and Alicia, who came to him when they wanted to sell their home in Dewitt. Because he's constantly marketing, he had a steady supply of buyers and Graham and Alicia had multiple showings and 9 offers within 24 hours of listing. They ended up accepting a contract for $35,000 over the list price!

Then, there's Angela in Eaton Rapids. Brock's team reviewed their marketing strategy and what to expect throughout the selling process — and then had 12 showing and an offer in just three days after listing. Her home sold for full asking price.

So, if you are looking to sell your home but you're a little nervous about how long it will take or if it will even close, you need to call my friend, Brock Fletcher. Brock is an investor and can give you an immediate cash offer for your home or help you set a deadline and price. If your home doesn't sell on that deadline, he'll buy it himself!

He's the only agent I'd let lead me to victory if I'm selling my home. Call 517-853-6408 or check them out at Tell them I sent you!