So we had this idea on Monday, Presidents' Day, to put a fun sports twist on the holiday.

A fantasy draft of a starting five of presidents! The idea being to take the five presidents you would want as your starting five for a basketball game. We also assumed each president would be in his prime.

Brock won the No. 1 overall pick via coinflip, and our draft was snake style. So here are the lineups.

Brock's team

Point Guard: Barack Obama (No. 1 overall pick), 6-foot-1

Shooting Guard: Gerald Ford, 6-foot

Small Forward: Ulysses S. Grant, 5-foot-8

Power Forward: Teddy Roosevelt, 5-foot-10

Center: George H.W. Bush, 6-foot-2

Coach: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Brandon's team

Point Guard: George W. Bush, 6-foot

Shooting Guard: Harry S. Truman: 5-foot-8

Small Forward: William Howard Taft: 5-foot-11 (335 pounds)

Power Forward: Lyndon B. Johnson, 6-foot-4

Center: Abraham Lincoln, 6-foot-4

Coach: Franklin Delano Roosevelt


So whose team would win a theoretical matchup?

Hear the full draft and some analysis from Brock and Brandon on their picks below.