His voice has always graced the airwaves in the Lansing area with a type of tone and rhythm that can't be replicated, nor replaced.

Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, the voice of the Lansing Lugnuts, and notorious fill-in host on the local Lansing area sports station, just went to the big leagues.

Don't Fret, Strasslers Coming Back, But The Big Leagues First!

You've probably heard the voice of the Lugnuts many times. It's a soft and relaxing voice that you will always recognize after you've heard it once.

Goldberg-Strassler made a good impression and got the call of a lifetime for a play-by-play broadcaster.

Announcing his achievement on Twitter, Goldberg-Strassler announced he was moving on to the big leagues for a few days.

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While he does earn a full-time opportunity, you'll still be able to hear the silky voice at the Lugnuts stadium.


From your Townsquare Media family, we are excited to see you make this big move, and know that we will be the ones rooting for you this time!

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