Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera is on the brink of signing the largest contract in Major League Baseball history. Miggy has won the last two American League MVPs.

It is reported that Miggy's contract that is expected to extend through 2022. This is the guy who's won the last two American League MVPs and the past three American League batting championships--that hasn't been done since Ty Cobb.

Miggy is if not the best one of the best in the game today. Some would argue that Angels outfielder Mike Trout is, but in my opinion he has to sustain that for a few more years.

Plus, Miguel Cabrera has had to move around positions in his career. The last two seasons he played third base, because former Tiger Prince Fielder took Cabrera's old position at first.

This new contract is, in my opinion, incredible but deserved by pro sports standards. The Tigers haven't won a World Series championship with Miggy, but they have gotten close. He won one with the Marlins years back.

Miguel Cabrera might have more power to the opposite field than any other player in the history of Major League Baseball. And don't forget that Hall of Famer Al Kaline called Miggy the best hitter he has ever seen.