The Detroit Tigers have had one of their worst seasons in years. They fired there very popular GM and find themselves sinking very fast. The Tigers have had significant injuries, but this season has had one crisis after another.

Now, this is the situation that I can see. The Detroit Tigers hired their manager last season and his name is Brad Ausmus. Brad was a fine catcher for almost 20 years in the majors. He is a very well liked cat, with a Dartmouth education. He took over for a grizzled veteran and successful manager in Jim Leyland. Ausmus was hired by the fired GM and now his future is in baseball purgatory.

The Detroit Tigers have some very good players.  They had to move some outstanding players, because they would have been free agents at the end of the season. Last week two young future stars of the Tigers got into a little physical contention. Yeah, I know the absence of their mega-superstar Miggy Cabrera has been very tough on this team. But that's what all teams have to deal with.

Brad Ausmus probably will  be removed as manager after his second year in Detroit is complete. He never had his new full staff, with carryovers from Leyland's staff. Brad Ausmus to me was never a good fit as the Tigers' skipper. He might be retained, but it's highly unlikely.