Well, Brad Ausmus, manager of the Detroit Tigers, got a large reprieve over the weekend. Everyone thought he would be axed as the manager and even some media individuals guaranteed he wouldn't be back. But he and his entire staff will all be back next season.

This is why I think the Tiger organization did this move: Because many baseball people felt he had to deal with many injured key players. Also, the pitching staff just flat out smelled.

This season was an absolute disaster to say the least. Players hurt, the GM was canned, internal strife in the dugout (McCann and Iglesias). The Tigers got rid of three outstanding players--in return they received very good prospects. That's just what they are--prospects.

Ausmus was hired by the former GM who is now at Boston. Ausmus better understand this team needs to be better next season. If not he will no longer be in Motown. The Tigers and their owner are rumored to go on another spending binge. If this happens they could be back. There are some very good pitchers available in the offseason free agency market.

All I can say is Brad Ausmus can't pitch or hit, but this team needs some fire power next season.