Bob Knight will always be recognized as one of the greatest colege basketball coaches ever. But, Knight could also be one of the most polarizing hoop coaches ever too.Robert Montgomery knight won 902 NCAA Division 1 men's college basketball games. His nickname is "The General". He played at Ohio State and also coached at Army, where he recruited and coaced Duke's great coach coach "K".

Now, people who know Knight's past and the problems he had are going to cringe at this new book out. A book is now out by Todd Jadlow a former Indiana Hoosier player. The book is called On The Rebound. Jadlow claims that former Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight emotionally and physically abused him and other teammates.

This book is not going to be very good for Bob Knight and his intense personality. This book is very eye opening to Todd Jadlow's life. He had severe alcohol and drug problems. I don't understand why he would write this many years after he played hoop and IU and Knight.Jadlow played on the 1987 NCAA Championship. I really think Bob Knight was a great college basketball coach at Army, Indiana and Texas Tech.

It's going to be interesting how far this book will go. Knight has not resonded to Jadlow's book. This isn't going to be good for Bob Knight's legacy.

Gary Mook - Getty Images