If you live in Mid-Michigan and don’t know who Bob Every is, that’s unbelievable. Bob is a main stay in this area and has been for many years. He was at Lansing Community College for 37 years. He worked as a wellness instructor and women’s softball coach. He won one Juco National Championship in women’s softball and came in second multiple times.

He also founded Crown Boxing in Lansing years ago. He was a top flight manager of a few solid boxers too. About 12-13 years ago Bob also started a LCC television show called Every’s Spin on Sports. I was his cohost for that show for three years. It was a solid experience.

Then, a very tumultuous situation occurred. Out of nowhere they suspended Bob for awful false accusations. He later was let go from LCC for these false reasons. It was absolutely a true falsehood that was a dark cloud over Bob and his family. But Bob overcame this problem and it had a great outcome for him and his family.

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Bob Every also is in charge of the Lansing Greater Sports Hall of Fame where I was inducted this past summer. He brought it to the Lansing Center years ago. It was at LCC, but because of that situation, he moved it to downtown Lansing. LCC lost a great mentor and coach and the Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame. Boy did they screw that up!

Years ago, Bob asked me to go with him to Muhammed Ali’s compound. So I met Ali twice and spent a good amount of time with him both times. I could go on about how Bob Every has become a friend and mentor to many people including me. I’m just proud to call Bob Every my friend.

If you have never met this man you need too. Bob Every is one special person, and Lansing should bestow him with a special honor!

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