It was a good day for airplane watching in Michigan yesterday. In Lansing, we had a flyover of not one, but TWO Michigan Air National Guard KC-135s. In Detroit, the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels showed up with their F-18s. And guess what? There's video.

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Thanks to, we've got in-cockpit video of what it was like to flying one of the Blue Angels' F-18s over Detroit. This wasn't their only appearance yesterday either. They also paid a visit to Chicago and Indianapolis and then went home to Pensacola, Florida.

And of course, the reason they were in Detroit was to salute those people on the front lines in the war on COVID-19. And Detroit's had their hands full with that battle.

Check out the footage in the link. It might look boring, but let's remember, this guy is going (at least) twice as fast as somebody in a NASCAR Cup car race at MIS. And he's only about three feet away from another plane. At some point, you'll see all the tiny movements he's making to stay at that exact spot in formation. Good stuff.

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