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Big Ten Associate Commissioner Rick Boyages released a statement regarding the clock errors during the Florida Gulf Coast at Michigan State men's basketball game on Sunday.
The Big Ten says "our bad" and let's move on from this. He should be very happy the basket didn't go in or this issue would of turned into another "-gate" scandal.
" was confirmed that a game official improperly set the clock in motion via his Precision Timing belt pack. The subsequent adjudication of rules, allowing for use of the court-side video monitor and a hand-held digital stopwatch to determine whether the shot was released prior to expiration, and if there was any time remaining in the game, were properly administered."
 Boyage reminds the refs and timekeepers to cut out any phantom clock starts in the future .  Major props to the Big Ten for accepting responsibility to one of the oddest endings to a basketball game in recent history. Hopefully changes will be made in the off season or sooner.