The Big Ten Network is now 8 years old. It's hard to believe it has gone that quick. In eight years this network has grown leaps and bounds. While most people affiliated with Big Ten Schools reserved their judgement for later, they now are believers.

Jim Delaney was the visionary of this project, he is the current head honcho of the Big Ten. It wash his Walt Disney approach to this network that got the ball rolling. The Big Ten Network is located in Chicago and has a lot of former Big Ten athletes working for them as broadcasters and commentators.

The Big Ten Network has specialty shows like the "The Journey", which is a very solid program. The revenue generating sports are giant for this network, but they carry a lot of non-revenue generating sports also. But, in the long run these sports still have a following. I really enjoy all of the Big Ten Network sports and features. Not only are they well done, I learn something every time I watch.

So, all the gas that Jim Delaney has had to endure with this 8 year project, he has to be smiling. Each Big Ten School gets as much as $10 million per school from the Big Ten Network. This is only going to get better and bigger


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