According to multiple reports and press releases, including this report from the Detroit Free Press, ESPN and the Big Ten Conference have made a major announcement regarding a half dozen primetime football games...on Friday nights!

In years past, the conference has shied away from nationally televised, primetime games on any night other than Saturday. Apparently, some schools haven't changed their opinions about Friday night football games...Michigan will not participate in any Friday contests, according to Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany. Delany also says that other schools with similar high capacity stadiums will not participate either, with Ohio State and Penn State specifically mentioned.

Michigan State announced in a Tweet that it would be willing to participate in Friday games, provided it is the Friday of Labor Day weekend. This has been a staple at MSU since 2008.

Meanwhile, the Michigan High School Athletic Association released a statement reflecting the association's disapproval of such a move. MHSAA's Executive Director Jack Roberts was quoted in the press release as saying he is "disappointed and disheartened" by the announcement. Roberts called out the Big Ten saying that the decision cheapens the conference's brand. "We are grateful that Michigan State University and the University of Michigan are trying to minimize the effects of this decision by the Big Ten. But overall, this is just the latest step by major college athletics in the pursuit of cash that is just crushing high school sports," said Roberts. The director believes that the Big Ten's decision will lower attendance at Friday night high school football games and will leave high school football as a secondary priority to the media.

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