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You've done it. You got invited. And you're going to go. But hold up.

It doesn't matter if you're going to your boy's house or a full blown football shindig, you need to mind your manners. Remember you're out in public & probably at someone's house. And even though you're watching pigskin violence par excellence, here's a list of P's & Q's you need to be aware of. In other words, be cool and don't do this stuff.

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DON'T Show up to the party empty handed. If you don't know what to bring, call ahead and ask. Bring ice, soda, chips, liquor, beer (and no cheap stuff), and your dietary needs and concerns. You want meatless or turkey burgers, bring that yourself.

DON'T Double Dip - If we have to explain this one to you, maybe you shouldn't be allowed to eat with other people in public.

Also, if there's a buffet or party tray and you touch it...then that's yours and you eat it.

DON'T Be a slob. Clean up after yourself. Seriously, ask where the trash can is and take your stuff to it. Chances are the host will try to clean up but you can help out a little bit. Right. Especially at the end. Oh and at the end, remember, the next day is Monday. Folks probably want you gone asap lol.

You're at someone else's house or party. Respect their space. And DON'T go snooping. Into other rooms and especially in the bathroom. Now is not the time to be nosy.

Watch how much you're sucking down there Drunky-McDrunkerson lol. Real talk tho - pace yourself. And DON'T forget you gotta work on Monday. And maybe plan ahead to call an Uber or Lyft.

Are there kids (and there just might be)? Might wanna watch your mouth and keep the swearing to a minimum. I know, it's a football game and that sucks. You're at someone else's house. Behave.

DON'T whine and complain. Even if you're team is getting the bejeezus kicked out of them. And just don't whine...and complain...ever. This is a party. Be thankful someone invited you. No griping about the food and lack of vegan options. You should have brought that with you. Up top. Number one bucko.

Also DON'T talk the ENTIRE time. Through the game, over the commercials, during commercials (some folks actually want to see and hear stuff).

AND FINALLY, No politics. It's football.

Have fun. Be nice. And make it so they invite you over again.


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