The Hurricanes were supposed to hit Michigan on September 26th but that WON'T be happening this year. The Big 10 announced yesterday they are playing a conference only schedule for all fall sports in 2020 due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for the full story. They are the first of the Power 5 schools to make this type of move. Changing the schedule just months before GAME is unheard of.

Florida is setting records for spreading the coronavirus. Last week, they had 10 thousand people test positive in one day. Yesterday, 120 people from the state died in one day. They had over 400 hospitalizations and 9 thousand new cases yesterday alone. I wouldn't want to play Florida either. But honestly, if Michigan doesn't get things back under control, it could be us setting records in the fall. The coronavirus likes the cold, see.

The University of Clemson football team has a reported 37 cases or roughly a 1/3 of their entire team. Rumors are, the players wanted immunity so they wouldn't get sick this fall. Bummer is, studies are showing the antibodies only last around 2 months, meaning, them Tigers could get sick again in the fall. The South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said if cases continue to rise, he will cancel high school and college football in his state. It's going to happen here to, wanna bet? The ACC has delayed all fall sports until September 1st.

Clemson with 37 players. LSU with 30. Ohio State just shut down VOLUNTARY workouts. Some states in the Big 10 like Maryland have over 63 thousand active cases. So, when these players get together all they will be doing is infecting the other states. Hopefully it will be gone by then but HOPE IS NOT A PLAN.

The Big 10 sounds like they have a plan.

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